Shooting the Citroen Ami in and around London


My shoot with the Citroen Ami is getting a lot of love out in media land. Lots of magazine coverage and a very comprehensive article in the Daily Mail

AND front page of the Citroen website

Screenshot 2021-09-24 at 182323png

The all-electric "car" (legally a light quadricycle) is now available to reserve in the UK from today.

It looks like a fun city car to drive, though sadly I didn't have time to have a go this time. We were up against it trying to get the Piccadilly Circus shots done before the morning rush hour and were conscious about using up the range as I wanted the driver to go round multiple times.


I love the fact that, to keep costs down, they have hinged the doors in opposite ways so they only have to manufacture one door. Genius, quirky and may take a bit of getting used to!